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The Wabbajack is a unique Daedric Artifact that appears in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. Madness and chaos are the trademarks of Sheogorath, and the Wabbajack embodies these same traits. Using the artifact on a creature will transform it into something else. The creature can become any one of the following monsters. The problem is the bearer has no way of controlling the transformation.


The Wabbajack turns an enemy or NPC into one of the following (only works once per each target):


The Wabbajack can be acquired by completing Sheogorath's Quest.

Sheogorath's QuestEdit

Sheogorath can be summoned on the 2nd of Sun's Dawn. Unlike other Daedric Princes he has a 5% chance of being summoned on their day instead of them, allowing the Hero to be able to complete it at different opportunities.

Upon speaking to him he guides the hero to a radiant dungeon to kill a battlemage. Upon completing the task he appoints them to another radiant dungeon in the region where they will find his Worshipper who awards them with the Wabbajack.


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  •  PC   The game crashes upon attacking with the weapon.
    • Appears in v1.79 and earlier, fixed in 1.8 patch.