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"No need to worry your pretty mortal head. The Wabbajack, it unleashes the potential in everyone. The unrecognized essence of artistic beauty that swells and beats within the-
Look, you want the book? Whack some folks with the Wabbajack"

The Wabbajack is a weapon that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is the Daedric Artifact of Sheogorath. It has the ability to transform a creature or character into something else. It is a long staff with many faces adorning its tip.


Simply MisplacedEdit

The Wabbajack appears during the quest Simply Misplaced. Sheogorath's chamberlain Haskill asks the Vestige to retrieve two of Sheogorath's Daedric Artifacts, the Wabbajack and The Fork Of Horripilation. After the items have been retrieved Sheogorath asks the Vestige to Clear its throat and lets one try the Wabbajack five times on the characters in the area. He then takes it back.

Known EffectsEdit