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My dearest Jerensi,

Your father and I waited as long as we could, but the soldiers insisted we leave. They were not very polite about it. I begged them to let us stay. The sergeant in charge said we could stay here until we died, but that would happen by the end of the day.

Needless to say, we packed up everything we could. I suspect the soldiers will steal the rest. Curse the Covenant and the asses they rode into Cyrodiil on. Curse this war and all who wage it. And curse the Empire for collapsing and letting these usurpers in!

We are headed north, toward Bruma. The soldiers won't let us go south. Apparently they fear we'll carry word of their troop strength to the Imperial City. As if anyone there cares.

I leave this note in hopes that you and Vibius manage to make it home. Look for us in Bruma, if we all survive the dangers of the road.

— Mother


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