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… and that's when Thewnar knew his moment had arrived, as life and death hung in the balance. The Mammoth's tusk slammed into the frozen earth. Thewnar flexed his mighty thews and slashed his greatsword at the beast's massive trunk. It trumpeted again, roaring in fury.

Around him, Thewnar heard the call of the giants. The massive brutes bleated and moaned to each other in the crudest of tongues. They slammed their clubs into the ground, screaming for Thewnar's blood.

Thick wooden armor adorned the beast's flank. Thewnar's massive blade bounced free from its scarred surface. He roared his own battle cry and ducked beneath the war beast's front leg. The warrior slashed overhand, his blade biting into the dirt-and-dung matted hide ….


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