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The War of Succession took place in Skyrim during the First Era.

The war began in 1E 369 following the death of King Borgas[1][2][3] and the failure of the Moot to appoint the capable Jarl Hanse as his successor.[1] It ended in 1E 420 when Olaf One-Eye was elected the High King of Skyrim after he captured the dragon, Numinex.[4]

Very little is actually known about the war. What is known is that the city of Windhelm was besieged and sacked sometime during it.[1]

Borgas was killed during one of the Wild Hunts of Valenwood.[2] The reason for the Bosmer's attack was that Borgas, a supporter of the Alessian Doctrines of Marukh, had traveled to Cyrodiil[2] to urge the Alessians to launch a joint war on Valenwood.[2] In the aftermath of this battle, by the time Wulfharth eventually succeeded him,[5] Skyrim had lost the majority of the territory it had earned during the Skyrim Conquests.


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