Not to be confused with Hakon One-Eye.
"You are not welcome here! We will defend our land!"
―Warchief Haakon[src]

Warchief Haakon was a Nede commander who lived on the isle of Herne, prior to the Yokudan arrival on Hammerfell. His ghost is found during the trials at HoonDing's Watch, and is the first enemy leader encountered.


Haakon lived on the island of Herne, and fought against invading Sinistral Mer. When the Yokudans arrived between 1E 792 and 1E 808 on their journey to find a new homeland, Haakon took up arms once again and battled the invaders. He perished defending his people, and this battle taught the Yokudans the defiance they would come to face on Tamriel.[1]


March of the Ra GadaEdit

After collecting Nede essence, go to the stone platform and Haakon will appear. After defeating him, you must speak again to Throne Keeper Farvad.