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Warlord Gathrik

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Warlord Gathrik
Basic Info
Level Radiant (7-50)
Health-icon 210-1490
MagickaIcon 0-545
Stamina 0-700
Resistance Resistance to Frost
Soul Size Grand
Ref ID 000350BD
Base ID 0006CD59

Warlord Gathrik is a draugr located in Ironbind Barrow. He is the the strongest enemy in the dungeon. He wields either a leveled one-handed weapon and shield or a Two-Handed weapon. At lower levels he is known to wield an enchanted Ancient Nord Greatsword. He has a high armor rating, which goes about 400.

Combat StyleEdit

Warlord Gathrik has three shouts at his disposal: Frost Breath, Unrelenting Force and the Disarm shout. His health is also remarkably high, close to, or higher than that of dragon priests. His combat style is very straight forward, going constantly after the primary aggressor. He is also slightly faster and noticeably taller than the usual draugr.


Gathrik's appearance may vary between the "less armored" draugr type and the "armored" type. He is noticeably taller than normal draugr deathlords. On higher levels Gathrik may also appear as a dragon priest and thus, be a magic user. He favors frost spells so frost resistance helps, although it's possible he might use shock or fire as well.

Level modifierEdit

Type Lvl Weapons Armor
Restless Draugr 1-16 Enchanted Ancient Nord War Axe or Two-Handed Ancient Nord Weapon Iron Shield
Draugr Scourge 17-23 Enchanted Ancient Nord War Axe or Two-Handed Ancient Nord Weapon Iron Shield
Draugr Overlord 24-39 Enchanted Ancient Nord Weapon or Two-Handed Ancient Nord Weapon Iron Shield
Draugr Deathlord 24-39 Ebony Weapon Ebony Shield
Dragon Priest 40-81




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