"Fair day, visitor. Please state your name for the record."
―Watch Captain Astanya[src]

Watch Captain Astanya is an Altmer who resides in the Auridon city of Vulkhel Guard. She is secretly working for the Veiled Heritance, as part of a plot to assassinate Queen Ayrenn. She is defeated by the Vestige in the Temple of Auri-El in Vulkhel Guard.


Ensuring SecurityEdit

The Vestige is asked by the captain to talk to Advisor Norion and Steward Eminwe. Norion gives the Vestige plans, and Eminwe sends the Vestige off with poison meat to report to the captain. After reporting back, Astanya tells the Vestige to talk to Watchman Heldil and interrogate a suspect, Fasion, since he will not talk to the guards. Fasion warns that the captain is corrupt.

A Hostile SituationEdit

Astanya arrests the Vestige for having the items from Norion and Eminwe. The Vestige confronts the captain in the temple. The Vestige kills her after she springs a trap on The Vestige and Battlereeve Urcelmo.