"Not now, citizen. I'm up to my armpits in problems today"
―Watch Captain Bethes[src]

Watch Captain Bethes is a Dunmer watch captain residing in Seyda Neen on Vvardenfell.


A Khajiit named Halinjirr is growing moon sugar in Zainsipilu. Here's the proof. "Halinjirr? I thought him a clueless sugar-sop. If he's managed to grow moon sugar here in Vvardenfell, he's more cunning than he seems. Make no mistake, we'll find him. The Tribunal thanks you for your help, outlander. Here is your reward."

Falura Uveleth uncovered Halinjirr's activities. "Falura? That skooma-fiend can barely put her trousers on straight, let alone conduct an investigation like this. You must be mistaken."

No. She told me about her indiscretions. She was hoping this might help her make amends. "Difficult to say. If I had my way, she'd be hanging from the nearest tree. I'll pass it on to my contacts in the Oath-Bureau. I will be honest, though - her chances are very slim."


  • "I think you've seen all that Seyda Neen has to offer, Outlander. I suggest you go and visit another of our fine cities." — After "Breaking Through the Fog"
  • "Did you need something else? A skooma baron to report, perhaps? No? Then move along." — After "A Hidden Harvest"