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Watchers are floating tentacle-like Daedra. They appear as giant floating eyeballs with multiple tendrils protruding from all sides which they use for melee attacks alongside magical attacks.


  • Gaze:
  • Shockwave:
  • Doom-Truth's Gaze:
  • Daedric Burn Confirmed as an attack via Patch Update [1]
  • Daedric Destruction: Confirmed as an attack via Patch Update. [1]



This list is incomplete; help us expand it.



  • Patch 2.0.5 - Watcher beams will no longer fire simultaneously.
    • Daedric Burn and Daedric Destruction now appear correctly, and damage relating to them is now corrected. [1]
  • Patch 2.0.6 correctly fixes a bug relating to the Watcher's damage telegraph. [2]
  • The Guide book, Kyne's Challenge: A Hunter's Companion/Summerset Isles, makes mention of Watchers. [3]
  • U1: Update 1 Updated an achievement where killing the Watcher Tyrant and its summoner was not correctly awarding the achievement. [4]
  • U4: In Update 4, The Watcher's tentacles will no longer clip through the ground when knocked to the ground. We also fixed an issue with the Watcher's eyelid movement. [5]
  • U5: Fixed a visual effect in the Watcher's Eye's Truth Gaze. [6]
  • U5: From Update 5, Watchers are immune to Crowd Control Effects. [6]
  • U5: The quest step in The Wounds in the World can now be correctly shared. [6]
  • U6: Doom-Truth's Gaze can now be mitigated by block [7]
  • U6: Gaze can now be blocked. [7]



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