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Wayshrine of Kynareth

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Wayshrine of Kynareth
Wayshrine of Kynareth
Wayshrine of Kynareth Maplocation
Type Wayshrines
Quests Pilgrimage

The Wayshrine of Kynareth is dedicated to the goddess Kynareth of the Nine Divines. A waysrhine is different from an altar in a chapel. An Altar of Kynareth can be found in major city temples and there is no Chapel of Kynareth. Wayshrines provide the blessing Kynareth's Way, detailed below.


Note: Once you've begun doing the main quest (see Allies for Bruma), an Oblivion Gate opens at the shrine's location here. It is half-wrecked, but some of the shrine is still exposed. You will probably have to crouch near the center of the shrine in order to count (receive the journal entry)

Kynareth's WayEdit

Praying at Kynareth's wayshrine bestows the blessing Kynareth's Way, which has the following effects:


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