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Weakness to Shock MW
For other uses, see Weakness to Shock.
Main article: Effects (Morrowind)

Weakness to Shock is a magical effect, racial ability, and spell that increases susceptibility to elemental Shock Damage. The magnitude directly corresponds to a percent increase in Shock Damage subsequently inflicted (e.g. ten points is equal to +10% damage). This effect is a member of the Destruction school of magic, governed by Willpower.

There is a one-second delay after casting a weakness effect before it is active. Therefore, if using a spell that simultaneously casts both weakness and damage effects, the weakness component will not be applied the first time it is cast.

Altmers have an innate 25% Weakness to Shock.


Weakness to Shock and Resist Shock are opposites, but equal. If they are present with the same magnitude, the two effects cancel (e.g. a person with ten points of resistance and ten points of weakness has no net effect). The magnitude of these effects can be subtracted from one another to determine a net magnitude. For example:

30 weakness - 10 resistance = net effect 20 weakness
40 resistance - 25 weakness = net effect 15 resistance

In Morrowind, immunity is synonymous with one hundred points of resistance, and Weakness to Shock functions as such. For example, inflicting twenty points of Weakness to Shock upon an immune creature such as a Hunger results in eighty points of Resist Shock. A hundred points of weakness completely negates immunity.


The following spells and abilities consist of a Weakness to Shock effect. See articles for details.

Spells and Abilities
Spell Type Cost
Magnitude Duration
Range Base ID
Min. Max.
Dire Weakness to Shock Spell 47 2 60 10 0 Target dire weakness to shock
Fabricant Shock TR Spell 100 50 50 5 50 Target shockimperfect
Weakness to Shock Ability 0 25 25 Constant 0 Self weakness shock_25
Weakness to Shock Spell 8 10 10 5 0 Target weakness to shock


The following items and weapons are enchanted with a Weakness to Shock effect. See articles for details.

Enchanted Items
Item Type Magnitude Duration
Range Item ID
Min. Max.
Arrow of Wasting Spark Weapon: Arrow 10 10 5 0 Touch arrow of wasting spark
Scroll of Shockbane Scroll 10 20 20 0 Touch sc_shockbane
Trebonius' Staff Weapon: Blunt 2H 7 15 6 5 Touch ebony_staff_trebonius

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