"Rats in a Cream Sauce. Rat Flambe. Rat Necrom. with Bone Meal Gravy. Deep Fried Rat. Lemon Rat and Wild Rice. Rat Ragu. with Powdered Deer Penis!"

Weebam-Na quote 2

Weebam-Na is an Argonian commoner who lives in a small shack in Leyawiin with his wife, Bejeen. He considers himself a rat hunter and has some opinions on the subject. 

He is a part of the quest "Mazoga the Orc," since Mazoga needs an escort to Fisherman's Rock. He is also a part of Nocturnal's cult, where he has heard rumors about the location of the Eye of Nocturnal.


  • "Rats. Hate them. HATE them. Every one. Gonna hunt them down and chop them all to tiny bits. Oh. Did I say that out loud? Excuse me. I'm Weebam-Na, the hunter. You got to excuse me. I got rats on the mind."