"Rats in a Cream Sauce. Rat Flambe. Rat Necrom, with Bone Meal Gravy. Deep Fried Rat. Lemon Rat and Wild Rice. Rat Ragu, with Powdered Deer Penis!"

Weebam-Na quote 2

Weebam-Na is an Argonian commoner who lives in a small shack in Leyawiin with his wife, Bejeen. He considers himself a rat hunter and has some opinions on the subject. 

He is a part of the quest "Mazoga the Orc," since Mazoga needs an escort to Fisherman's Rock. He is also a part of Nocturnal's cult, where he has heard rumors about the location of the Eye of Nocturnal.




Weebam-Na "I am Weebam-Na. What do you want?"
Eye of Nocturnal "Never heard of the thing. An neither has Bejeen. You ask too many questions."
Tidewater Cave (After overhearing the conversation) "Tidewater Cave? Tidewater Cave! Why... why do you ask about this place?"
I thought you mentioned it. "I did no such thing. I think perhaps you've been spying on me. Yes... spying! You cannot have my treasure!"
Bejeen mentioned it to me. "Bejeen? Bejeen knows nothing. Bejeen tells stories. Silly Bejeen. Shame on Bejeen to tell such silly, silly stories."
Tidewater Cave "There is no need to speak of that place. It is a bad place."



Bejeen: "But what if the trolls eat it?
Weebam-Na: "Trolls don't like water. Trolls don't swim. The eye is perfectly safe in Tidewater Cave. So relax."


  • "Rats. Hate them. HATE them. Every one. Gonna hunt them down and chop them all to tiny bits. Oh. Did I say that out loud? Excuse me. I'm Weebam-Na, the hunter. You got to excuse me. I got rats on the mind."