Weir Gate
"We had hopes of using the ruins of the Battlespire to access Oblivion. The Weir Gate still stands, though the old proving grounds of the Imperial Battlemages itself was shattered some years ago in Jagar Tharn's time."
Seif-ij Hidja[src]

The Weir Gate is a device that is used to travel to Battlespire from Tamriel.[1][2]


During the Invasion of the Battlespire, Mehrunes Dagon's forces sealed the Gate with a powerful sigil in the shape of the Daedric letter Hefhed. This left the sorcerers of the Battlespire trapped and without any access to reinforcements.[1][3]

Sometime later in the Third Era[4] following the defeat of Dagon's forces, the mage Morian Zenas attempted to use the Weir Gate to enter Oblivion. While they discovered the gate still stood and the link to the Battlespire was still accessible from Mundus, its link to Oblivion had been severed.[2]