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Welke is an Ayleid ruin located halfway between the Mouth of the Panther and the tail. It is north of Fort Teleman just below the lowest branch of the Panther River.




Welke Ceyede/Hall of ShadowsEdit


Welke Edesel/Mortal godsEdit

There is an Ayleid Statue inside Welke Edesel, one of ten of the statues necessary for the lucrative side quest The Collector. There are numerous welkynd stones and a varla stone perched up on a tall stand, requiring an arrow, destruction spell, or advanced telekinesis spell to knock down. Some flooded areas are best enjoyed with the help of potions, spells, or amulets of Water Breathing and Night-Eye. Turn right at the first intersection to get to the Statue much quicker than turning left.





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