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Welkynd Stone (Oblivion)

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Welkynd Stone
Welkynd Stone
1 WeightIcon
Base Value:
50 GoldIcon
Additional Effects:
Fully restore Magicka (one-time use)
Type: Restorative item
FormID: 00000191
For other uses, see Welkynd Stone.

Welkynd Stones are bluish-white, glowing, magical stones with a metal inlay at their base. Created by ancient Ayleids, these items can recharge your Magicka if you select them in your inventory. They are one-time use items (like Varla Stones).

These stones are commonly found in Ayleid Ruins, where they can be found on the floor, or on top of various pedestals from which you can grab them, dislodge them with a spell or arrow, or use telekinesis. Note that Welkynd Stones do not respawn after three days, unlike other items.


There are 659 guaranteed with a possible 15 more from Vahtacen.

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