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Wenderbek Cave is a cave far to the south of Cheydinhal in the Nibenay Basin on the left bank of the Corbolo River, north of the Yellow Road. The cave is located on the "i" in "Nibenay" in Nibenay Basin on the map.


  • Wenderbek Cave


Standard Alchemy plants grow outside: Lavender, Bergamot, Monkshood, Peony, Ginseng, Alkanet Flower, Columbine and Lady's Smock. Cairn Bolete Cap and Wisp Stalk are inside.


  • Wenderbek Cave is one of the few Goblin Bases in the game. The Goblins that occupy this cave go by the name of Skull Breaker Goblins. As is with all other Goblin bases, this cave contains a Goblin Totem Staff, the symbol of this clan's leadership. The staff is located in the largest room in one of the tents.


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