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Werebears are the most abundant breed of lycanthrope found in Skyrim and also inhabit regions such as High Rock, the Imperial Province, and Morrowind.[1] Legend holds that smearing Canis Root on the trees surrounding one's home will ward off werebears.[1]

Scientific researchEdit

Anthropology-enthusiast and member of the Order of the Horn, Lentulus Inventius wrote about investigations into the werebear rumors. In his account, he found no scientifically reliable anecdotes of the existence of werebears, let alone werewolves, save from one account presented by Karsten Hammer-Back. The story revolved around lycanthrope hunters, the Silver Hand. Besides this report, Inventius attributes the stories of werebears to utter folklore that sprouted up over particular vicious, yet mundane, bear attacks in Skyrim. Curiously, when the Companions of Whiterun were approached on the topic, they became tight-lipped and ordered the investigator away. He wrote off their suspicion as superstitious.[2]


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  • Although the population in Skyrim is large, none are ever encountered by the Dragonborn, other than in Solstheim.
  • M'aiq the Liar comments on this, saying, "Werebears? Where? Bears? Men who are bears?"


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