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Werewolf may refer to the following"

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  • What is a better transformation: Werewolf form or Vampire Lord?

    670 messages
    • meh vampire lord was kinda fun, but the sun and fire weaknesses sucked, you very dependent on the skill tree to make it combat effect...
    • Personally, I think it depends on your character. Werewolf is what I choose for most of my melee-oriented characters, while Vampire Lord is for...
  • Where would a Werewolf Nightingale go in the afterlife?

    61 messages
    • Normal mortals go to whichever afterlife they believe in after death. Most of these afterlives are in the dreamsleeve, where the souls ...
    • On the note of the Last Dragonborn, there are several potential outcomes: he becomes a God through soulstacking Dragon Souls, he chooses to rem...

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