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Werewolf (Bloodmoon)

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Black Werewolf as seen in Bloodmoon
Health-icon 300
Soul Petty (20)
DamageIcon 1-9 melee

A Werewolf is a NPC creature in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind expansion, Bloodmoon. They are found on Solstheim island.

Becoming a WerewolfEdit

In Bloodmoon, there are two ways of becoming infected with Lycanthropy:

  • Play the main quest for Bloodmoon up to Siege of Skaal Village. (this is what you do if you have completed the Sixth house base quest as you can't get the disease any other way)
  • Find "wanderers". These people are already infected, but be warned: these werewolves are very powerful and have reached their ultimate strength. You can identify a wanderer by finding a naked man or woman and they will tell you to go away. There are only nine of them though, so finding them is hard.

You will lose large amounts of health if you do not kill an NPC during the night. Solstheim is indeed a good place for this due to NPC bandits that spawn there, but Morrowind is also a good place for finding victims. If someone sees you transforming they'll know who you are in your human form and will treat you like an outsider and may attack you on sight.



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