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What Was Done Must Be Undone

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What Was Done Must Be Undone is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


I've helped the survivors at Heimlyn Keep. Now I need to end the curse. Its mystical corruption emanates from a Telvanni reliquary.



  • Enter the Reliquary
  • Talk to the Reliquary Keeper
  • Defeat Adras Velae
    • Hint: Open Adras' Soul Cage
  • Defeat Rendrasa Malena
    • Hint: Open Rendrasa's Soul Cage
  • Talk to Keeper Vildras
  • Use portal to the Relic Chamber
  • Confront the Power Behind the Curse
    • Hint: Use Shattered Ritual Focus
  • Talk to Keeper Vildras
  • Exit the Reliquary
  • Talk to Beron Telvanni



  • This completes the Heimlyn Keep objective.

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