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Base Value:
Alchemical Effects
Restore Health Fortify Health
5 pts for 0 sec 4 pts for 60 sec
Damage Stamina Regen Lingering Damage Magicka
100% for 5 sec 1 pps for 10 sec
Source: Farms
Form ID: 0004B0BA
Main article: Ingredients (Skyrim)

Wheat is an ingredient in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It can be used to make potions at an alchemy lab as part of Alchemy.

Where to findEdit

  • The following farms have wheat:
  1. Chillfurrow Farm - 7 crops
  2. Battle-Born Farm - 6 crops
  3. Brandy-Mug Farm - 8 crops
  4. Hlaalu farm - 6 crops
  5. Hollyfrost Farm - 11 crops
  6. Cowflop Farm - 12 crops
  7. Katla's Farm - 3 crops
  8. Loreius Farm - 6 crops
  9. Merryfair Farm - 5 crops
  10. Snow-Shod Farm - 4 crops
  11. Fellstar Farm - 5 crops
  12. Darkwater Crossing - 7 crops
  13. Dragonsreach (downstairs, in barrels next to Ebony Blade) - 4 crops
  • Merchants often have wheat for sale.
  • Arcadia in Whiterun always sells about 3 wheat.
  • Wheat can also be found at farms with a sickle and wheat symbol on the map.
  • It can be found in the basement of the house in Riften.
  • It can also be found in various other houses.

Conventional usesEdit

Wheat is one of three ingredients required to make one of the most valuable potions. The other two ingredients required are Giant's Toe and Swamp Fungal Pod.


Main article: Potions (Skyrim)

Wheat may be combined with any of the following ingredients to create the listed potions that affect health:

Restore HealthEdit

Fortify HealthEdit

Damage Stamina RegenEdit

Lingering Damage MagickaEdit

* multiple effects


The following people will buy wheat for five gold each:


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