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Whom Gods Annoy

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Whom Gods Annoy
Whom Gods Annoy
Quest Giver Rumors in Leyawiin
Location Leyawiin
Reward Ring of Eidolon's Edge
+1 Fame
Type Side quest
Whom Gods Annoy is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. People in Leyawiin report strange noises and smells coming from Rosentia Gallenus' house. She has accidentally acquired the Staff of the Everscamp, which produces a steady population of four scamps to follow the staff-bearer.


Rosentia Gallenus asks the Hero to speak to her Mages Guild friend, Alves Uvenim, in the Leyawiin Mages Guild. Go over and talk to Uvenim and she will tell them that the staff is cursed with two things: whoever owns it will have scamps following him and also will be slowed in movement.

The only way the curse can be removed is if someone willingly accepts the staff. Uvenim suggests that they take the staff to Darkfathom Cave, where there is a shrine to Sheogorath.

Return to Gallenus with the information and offer to take the staff from her, as she'll reward the Hero accordingly.

Darkfathom CaveEdit

Head to Darkfathom Cave, just east of Leyawiin. The cave is small and populated by level-dependent daedra. Fight them all through the cave and once the hero arrives at the cave's eastern end, they'll find an old shrine to Sheogorath.

A message will alert the Hero that they no longer feel the urge to carry the staff. Simply drop the staff from the inventory and the scamps will stay there. One may not pick the staff up after it has been dropped.

Return to Gallenus for the reward of Ring of Eidolon's Edge and one fame point.


Journal Entry
  • Update: After hearing rumors about Rosentia:

I'm hearing a strange report of odd noises and smells coming from around Rosentia Gallenus's house here in Leyawiin. Perhaps I should go and investigate.

  • Update: After talking with Rosentia about her problem:

Rosentia Gallenus has told me she acquired a strange Daedric staff, and after trying to examine it, she inadvertently summoned some scamps. Now the things follow her wherever she goes. Worse still, the staff seems cursed and she cannot drop it, sell it or get rid of it. She implored me to help her figure a way to rid her of the curse. She suggested I speak to a friend of hers at the Mages Guild, Alves Uvenim.

  • Update: After discussing it with Uvenim:

Alves Uvenim identified the cursed staff as the Staff of the Everscamp. The only way to rid one's self of the staff is if someone else willingly accepts it. Finally, she pointed out that the only way to fully break the curse would be to return it to where it came from; Darkfathom Cave. I should take this information back to Rosentia immediately.

  • Update: After accepting the staff from Rosentia:

I've willingly accepted the staff from Rosentia. The scamps are now under my escort. I should hasten to Darkfathom Cave and be rid of these annoying creatures.

  • Update: After arriving at Darkfathom Cave:

I've arrived at Darkfathom Cave. I should proceed inside.

  • Update: After arriving at Sheogorath's shrine:

I've arrived at the shrine to Sheogorath. I should find the altar and place the staff near it.

  • Update: After placing the staff near the altar:

I've placed the staff near the altar at the shrine of Sheogorath. The scamps seem pleased with their new home, and best of all have stopped following me. I should return to Rosentia with the news.

  • Update: After returning to Rosentia:

Rosentia Gallenus was gratified that I rid her of the scamps, and rewarded me with a daedric ring she identified as the Ring of Eidolon's Edge.

  • Quest complete



  • As the scamps continually regenerate when killed, they can be an excellent way to level up attack-based skills. However, they will attack the Hero.
  • The scamps can be used to fight for them with command creature spells.
  • Although the staff is said to be a Daedric artifact, it can't be given to Martin when he asks for one.
  • If one choose to not complete the quest and keep the staff one will have a penalty of -20 Speed. This can be avoided by completing the quest up until the point where it says "I'm no longer feeling the urge to possess the Staff of the Everscamp.” when the staff becomes a ordinary item instead of a quest item and is able to be enchanted.
  • Possible reference to a Star Trek episode named "Whom Gods Destroy".

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