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Wilderness Caches (Oblivion) Abandoned Camp

Abandoned camsite west of Anutwyll

Sometimes, the Hero may stumble upon a chest or barrel containing gold, lockpicks, and various other items. This is called a Wilderness Cache. Below are a few known locations of these caches.

Chests and Loot in the WildernessEdit

  • At the northwest end of the bridge that stretches northwest across Lake Rumare between City Island and the mainland, a coffin contains a three pieces of jewelry along with water walking and healing potions.
  • At the end of a dock north of the Ayleid ruin Vilverin, just across from the Imperial City Sewers exit, sits an open crate. Inside is a jewelry box along with gold or a silver nugget.
  • Way up in the Jeralls, east of Bruma is a nameless campsite. In a chest nearby, you will find gold and three pieces of clutter.
  • Southeast of Bravil is a burned house. This ruin contains a crate of cutter and some gold, along with a small chance of a lockpick, arrows, repair hammers, etc.
  • On the west side of the Upper Niben, southwest of the Ayleid ruin Culotte, you will find a disused stock/storage area. You will likely find a chest like the one above.
  • At the abandoned campsite west of the Ayleid ruin Anutwyll, which is north of Bravil, you will find a chest with one or two restorative potions.
  • In a burned building on the Red Ring Road east-southeast of Memorial Cave are two chests, a sack of gold, and a barrel of ingredients.