Not to be confused with Wilhelm.
"They call me 'Wilhelm the Worm', because dirt suits me fine. Town lets me live in the warehouse to keep out the rats."
―Wilhelm the Worm[src]

Wilhelm the Worm quote

Wilhelm the Worm is a Nord residing in Anvil. He is allowed to sleep in the Harborside Warehouse, in exchange of keeping the rats away. People have given him the nickname "the Worm," due to his uncaring nature about filth.

Wilhelm likes Anvil, and loves that everybody is kind to him despite his state of living. He mentions that even the Countess will greet him, however Newheim the Portly is mean to him.


Anvil: "Nice, friendly folk in Anvil, even the Countess greets me in the street. Well, except for that Newheim the Portly. He's a mean old scroat."