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Wind Stone (Dragonborn)

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DB Stones IconWind Stone
Wind Stone (Influenced)
Wind Stone DB Map
Type All-Maker Stone
Quests Cleansing the Stones
The Fate of the Skaal
The Wind Stone is one of the All-Maker Stones found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn. It is located North-West of the Skaal Village.

Quests Edit

Cleansing the StonesEdit

Here, the Dragonborn needs to use the Shout: Bend Will to purge the Wind Stone, as well as the other Stones, of Miraak's influence.

The Fate of the SkaalEdit

During this quest, the Dragonborn is tasked with finding a way to free the indoctrinated Skaal villagers who are working on the Wind Stone.


  • Activating the Stone before it is cleansed will put the player under the same hypnotic state that the rest of the indoctrinated workers suffer from.
  • After the stone has been purged, activating it grants the North Wind ability once a day, after which it must be reacquired at the Wind Stone. The ability is an area-of-effect spell that deals 20 points of frost damage over a course of 10 seconds, similar to the spell Blizzard.


  • Those indoctrinated around the stone will be reciting Miraak's Mantra if spoken to.


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