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Wind Stone (Dragonborn)

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DB Stones IconWind Stone
Wind Stone (Influenced)
Wind Stone DB Map
Type All-Maker Stone
Quests Cleansing the Stones
The Fate of the Skaal
The Wind Stone is one of the All-Maker Stones found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn. It is located northwest of the Skaal Village.

Quests Edit

Cleansing the StonesEdit

Here, the Dragonborn needs to use the Shout Bend Will to purge the Wind Stone, as well as the other Stones, of Miraak's influence.

The Fate of the SkaalEdit

During this quest, the Dragonborn is tasked with finding a way to free the indoctrinated Skaal villagers who are working on the Wind Stone.


  • Activating the Stone before it is cleansed will put the player under the same hypnotic state that the rest of the indoctrinated workers suffer from.
  • After the stone has been purged, activating it grants the North Wind ability once a day, after which it must be reacquired at the Wind Stone. The ability is an area-of-effect spell that deals 20 points of frost damage over a course of 10 seconds, similar to the spell Blizzard.


  • Those indoctrinated around the stone will be reciting Miraak's Mantra if spoken to.


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