For the book, see Wind and Sand.

Wind and Sand is a quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.


Neloth has asked me to get a copy of Wind and Sand from inside <radiant location>. He needs it for his spell research.


Speak to Neloth and ask if he needs help with his research.

Can I help with your research?: "Can you? Of course you can. What took you so long to ask? I've been trying to adapt Redguard magic to the ash. I think the key concept I'm missing is recorded in Afa-Saryat's book, Wind and Sand. I have some associates and correspondents who find things for me. One of them has a credible rumor on where this book might be. And I'd like you to find the truth of the matter."

Travel to the radiant location and retrieve the book Wind and Sand. It will be found in either a Dragon Lair, Dragon Priest Lair, Draugr Crypt, Falmer Hive, Forsworn Camp, Hagraven Nest, Vampire Lair or Warlock Lair.

Possible locations include:

Return to NelothEdit

Return the book to Neloth, who begins reading and remarks:

The book was right where you said it would be: "Perhaps this particular source was worth more than I thought he was. Pity. In any case, this is truly amazing. I think I can adapt this into a sort of whirlwind vortex energy. Yes, yes. I'll write it out, and you can pick up a copy from Talvas in a few days. In the mean time, take this for helping me."

He rewards the Dragonborn with a small amount of gold. He'll also use the book to create a new spell called Whirlwind Cloak, which can be purchased from his apprentice, Talvas Fathryon.


Once completed, the Whirlwind Cloak spell tome will be made available for sale, and the Dragonborn will receive a leveled/random amount of GoldIcon.


Journal Entry
Get the Wind and Sand book
Neloth has asked me to get a copy of Wind and Sand from inside <radiant location>. He needs it for his spell research.
I found a copy of Wind and Sand from inside <radiant location>. Neloth needed it for his spell research. I should be able to buy the spell from Talvas.

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