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Windward Ruins

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Ruinsicon Windward Ruins
Skyrim Windward Ruins
Windward ruins
Hold The Pale
Location Southwest of Dawnstar
Type Ruin
Quests Kyne's Sacred Trials
Destruction Ritual Spell
Characters None
Enemies Skeever
Location ID WindwardRuinsExterior

Windward Ruins is an ancient Nordic ruin found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The Windward Ruins are the remains of an abandoned fort. They are located southwest of Dawnstar. The only inhabitants of the ruins are two skeevers. The pedestal towards the end of the ruin is used to advance the quest "Destruction Ritual Spell."


Kyne's Sacred TrialsEdit

The Guardian Skeever can be found inside Windward Ruins during the first stage of Kyne's Sacred Trials.

Destruction Ritual SpellEdit



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