"You surprise me, outsider. All here assembled say you are both brave and courteous. A hero worthy of praise. Yet I still sense a hidden motive. You showed us respect, so I will do the same by asking you directly—what really brings you to Ald'ruhn?"
―Wise Woman Asani[src]

Wise Woman Asani is a Dunmer Ashlander residing in Ald'ruhn on Vvardenfell. She acts as Wise Woman of the tribes in Ald'ruhn.


I'm looking for the Hleran Ancestral Tomb. Do you know anything about it? "I do not know this name, Hleran, but there is an ancestral tomb nearby. It hides among the rocks to the west, beyond the fire-river we call Drura. I would not go there, outsider. Tombs are like guar—left untended they grow wild and feral."

Have you been inside? "No, but I have heard their cries. The spirits that dwell there sound anguished. They have a story to tell, I think. They long to be remembered. I am sorry, but I have no ear for their tales. My basket is already full of the Ashlanders' troubles."


  • "I wish you good fortune if you enter the tomb. I have no doubt that you will need it." — During "Ancestral Ties"