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For other uses, see Wisp.

Wisps are small, glowing phantasms found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They typically appear with Wispmothers, and drain their victims' life energy with their special attack, Wisp's Kiss. Destroying them causes damage to the Wispmother.


Wisps can be found around snowy locations, so they may camouflage themselves in the snow; they also appear in dungeons, tombs, caves and any area with nearby Wispmothers such as Blackreach and Labyrinthian.


Wisps often float around other wisps if they are in the same area, but will attack if provoked. However, it is possible to walk among the wisps without them attacking. Glow Dust can be obtained from their remains. Their attack and unprovoked behavior seems similar to that of an Ice Wraith, as they will float about and charge the Dragonborn, stabbing them with the small "stingers" on the end containing the most magical concentration. 


  • Wisps will not attack unless provoked or conjured by a Wispmother.
  • Unlike most enemies, wisps do not give up pursuit and will relentlessly chase the Dragonborn.
  • In-game events may imply the Wisps are lost souls in servitude of a Wispmother.
  • When killed, Wisps become Wisp Cores that can then be harvested for Glow Dust.
  • They are hard to target and hit with a bow, so it is recommended to use swords and daggers or area-of-effect magic when attacking them.
  • Wisp Cores make a "tinkle" sound when activated.
  • Wisps sometimes lead the Dragonborn to a Wispmother in the wild.


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