"Bring what I desire to earn your brew. Harvest the strongest creature in any delve for its exquisite flavor! Also guts. And a pumpkin. Almost as important."
―Witchmother Olyve[src]

Witchmother Olyve is a Hag who can be found at her brewery in either Auridon, Glenumbra or Stonefalls, depending on which faction the Vestige joined. She will respond to the crow caller in the holiday quest "The Witchmother's Bargain."


The Witchmother's BargainEdit

Witchmother Olyve will create a potion if brought the correct ingredients.


After she is summoned with the crow caller:

The death you've caused lingers about you. What a pleasant scent! But last year's harvest won't feed this year's brood. I'll need something fresh to bestow my boon.
Your boon? What boon?
A witchmother's brew, to heighten the reek of death! All for a handful of reagents. A pumpkin to serve as a base. Guts torn from squealing critters to add body.
So you want a pumpkin and some guts. Anything else?
Tamriel is littered with dangerous delves. The strongest creatures within are the wheat amidst the chaff. Harvest them. Their essence will linger about you and add just the right flavor to my brew.
All right. I'll bring you your reagents.

When the reagents are brought to her:

The reaper returns with the harvest!
I brought you what you wanted.
Yes, the scent of death preceded you. These will do nicely... So very nicely...
Don't forget our bargain.
A fine feast, fit for kings and tyrants alike! Are you not eager to taste, dear reaper?
I'm not so certain.
You came this far, did you not? Drink from the cauldron. Feel the witchmother's brew course through you! Do not delay, reaper. The harvests lasts only so long.

After the dialogue above, the Vestige receives the Witchmother's Whistle.


  • This character and her associated quest only appear in the game during the Witches' Festival event, held during the Halloween season.