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Wood Elf Etiquette: An Imperial Perspective

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The Empire now extends its reach into the Kingdom of Valenwood. Do not be surprised if during your travels you run into the Mer of the forest. The Wood Elves are surprisingly social, and can be very friendly with outsiders, but you must be aware of their peculiar culture and customs so as not to provoke them to anger.

The Wood Elves follow a strict religion called the Green Pact. Any Wood Elf who willingly takes up this pact is prohibited to harm any tree or plant in Valenwood. This includes chopping down trees, harvesting fruit, or digging vegetables from the ground.

As a result of this, Wood Elves who follow the Green Pact eat a strict diet of meat and cheeses. This very specific restriction in what they eat leads to certain physical reactions which you may not typically encounter in public, or with such frequency. If a Wood Elf makes mention of "feeding the fire," simply grow accustomed to breathing through your mouth for the count of twenty heartbeats.

While few Wood Elves will think badly of you for picking a flower or tapping a tree for sap, some will see this as an act of disrespect. Strictest adherents to the Green Pact may react quite strongly, perhaps violently.

This is not meant to alarm you! Remember to treat the forests of Valenwood with respect. If you are uncertain, speak with the nearest Wood Elf "treethane" for guidance. You never know who is watching.


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