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The Wood Orcs are a faction that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The name is used to describe any Orsimer that have settled in the province of Valenwood. At the time of the Planemeld in the Second Era, three Wood Orc tribes were known to exist and thrive—the Barkbites, the Drublog, and the Lhurgash Clans.

Wood Orcs have evolved over the Eras, so the point where they have more in common with the Bosmer than their distant cousins from Orsinium.[1] They prize not only physical strength, but "agility, speed, and geographical knowledge"—which they equate with tactical knowledge.[2]

Traditionally, Wood Orcs mined the iron ore around Fuller's Break.[3]

These Orsimer are not to be confused with the Orsimer that exist in Deshaan, as the Wood Orc clans have been in Valenwood for some time. Wood Orc Clans:


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