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The Wooden Ladle is a miscellaneous item found throughout The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Ladles can usually be found near other pieces of silverware. Only one variant of the wooden ladle has been found.


  • Can be found inside of kettles, cast iron pots, and other cooking-related items.
  • Commonly found near cooking spits.
  • Found in homes, primarily in kitchen areas.
  • One can be found in Riften Jail, in the escape tunnel found beyond the jail wall.
  • Three named ladles are found in the item room, accessible only on PC by using the command coc qasmoke, on a table.


The wooden ladle is not referred to in any way in Skyrim, but since it is a commonly found kitchen item, and quite often found in a kettle, one can surmise that it is used for serving whatever was prepared in the kettle.


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