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Known locationsEdit



  • Raven Rock - Sold by Fethis Alor.
  • Tel Mithryn - On a bookshelf southeast of the levitator platform.
  • Raven Rock, Alor House - In a wooden box on the floor that is to the left of the front door.
  • Raven Rock, Morvayn Manor - On a stone shelf next to the dining table.
  • Raven Rock, Severin Manor - Downstairs in the left-hand bedroom, on a shelf.
  • In Apocrypha Chapter II, the section entered by reading the Black Book: Waking Dreams, just before the last set of stairs up, in a pod at the north end of a ledge against the west wall.



Words of the Wind

[This is a volume of verse collected from Ashlander wise women. 'May I shrink to dust' is from the Ahemmusa Ashlanders of the Grazelands.]

May I shrink to dust
In your cold, wild Wastes,

And may my tongue speak
Its last hymn to your winds.

I pray for the herder
That whistles to his guar at play.
I pray for the hunter
That stalks the white walkers.
I pray for the wise one
That seeks under the hill,
And the wife who wishes
For one last touch of her dead child's hand.

I will not pray for that which I've lost
When my heart springs forth
From your soil, like a seed,

And blossoms anew beneath tomorrow's sun.



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