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Workbenches are a crafting station found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, found especially in or near blacksmiths' shops, but can also be found in some caves, Nordic Tombs, and forts.


Similar to how grindstones upgrade weapons, workbenches are used to increase the effectiveness of armor. Any upgradable armors are listed in the workbench list, along with the upgrade material required to upgrade them. The effectiveness of an upgrade is dependent on Smithing level, any Smithing perks the armor falls under (if any), and any Smithing boosts (such as Fortify Smithing enchanted armor or the Blacksmith's Draught potion).




  • If one uses enchantments or potions to improve their Smithing level beyond 100, it is possible to improve a piece of armor past Legendary quality. The "(Legendary)" tag, however, does not change.
  • If an item is enchanted, it will require the Smithing perk Arcane Blacksmith to be improved.


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