Wreck of the Winter War is a ship in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


It lies in the waters off the coast to the east of Snow Veil Sanctum and to the north of Yngol Barrow.


"Maybe you've seen masts sticking out of the water to the northeast? That would be the wreck of the Winter War. Fine vessel, back in its day."
Hold Guard[src]

It is overrun by a group of bandits who are led by a bandit chief. There may be a bandit some distance from the wreck as well. Some of the shipwreck's cargo can be found north-east from the wreck. On a clear day, this location gives a unique perspective of the mainland; both Windhelm and the College of Winterhold can be seen at the same time.

Northwest of the wreck, two Skeletons can be found at an Unmarked Location. This location can be hard to find because it is underwater. The easiest way to find them is by going underwater near the small flipped boat. In the water directly underneath it, is a chest and two skeletons of two male Nords named Skeggr and Advard. It is implied their deaths were caused by their boat flipping combined with the multiple slaughterfish that surround the two skeletons.

Three chests can be found at the shipwreck, including one in the water between the two halves of the wreck.

Notable itemsEdit


  • Clams – Underwater, beneath the wreck.