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Shipwrecksicon Wreck of The Icerunner
Icerunner Wreck
Icerunner Map
Hold Hjaalmarch
Location East of Solitude
Type Shipwreck
Sublocations None
Quests Lights Out!
Characters Deeja
Enemies Blackblood Marauders
Location ID Icerunner01

Wreck of The Icerunner is a ship located in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The Icerunner is an Imperial ship which has run aground near the Solitude coast.


The Icerunner was taken by Daynas Valen, in his journal, while on his quest to recover The Gauldur Amulet (which appears as part of the quest Forbidden Legend). Daynas embarked from Anvil on the 22nd of Morningstar, 4E 201 after retrieving the Ivory Dragon Claw in Bravil only a few days prior. While on board, he solicited the assistance of some freelance adventurers who accompanied him into Folgunthur and to a bloody, bitter end.


Lights Out!Edit

The ship has run aground after the fire in the Solitude Lighthouse was put out. All the sailors and Imperial troops on-board have been killed by the Blackblood Marauders who are now in control of the ship.

This location appears after the first objective in the quest "Lights Out!" is completed. After the fire in the Solitude Lighthouse has been extinguished, return to Jaree-Ra in Solitude and then follow up with his sister Deeja at the wreck to get a share of the loot.




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  •  PS3   At the bottom level of the Icerunner, the player can use a platter to walk through the wall into an unused part of the Icerunner.  It is under Deeja's room.  The room only contains two flights of stairs that are unable to climb, a pile of straw, and a light up the stairs.  It is very complicated to move around, but the player can get behind the first flight of stairs to where a light is located.


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