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Wreck of the Strident Squall

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Shipwrecksicon Wreck of the Strident Squall
Strident Squall
Wreck of the Strident Squall Map
Location Southern shore of Solstheim
Type Shipwreck
Location ID DLC2StridentSquallExterior01

Wreck of the Strident Squall is a shipreck on the southwest coast of Solstheim.


The wreck of the Strident Squall is south of Old Attius Farm and southwest of Hrodulf's house.


Reavers have built a small stockaded encampment on the shoreward side of this shipwreck. Outside, there are burnt bodies impaled on stakes flanking the gate. Inside, there is a wooden ramp leading to the top deck of the ship, a cooking pot over a campfire, and a heart stone vein. The reavers have also built two small wooden platforms for archers flanking the top of the ramp.

In the ship's hold is a chest with the Lusty Argonian Maid Folio and some leveled loot.



Notable itemsEdit

  • East Empire Company Strongbox - on a shelf in the cargo hold.
  • Lusty Argonian Maid Folio - in a chest in the cargo hold below deck, northwest of the stairs.
  • Scimitar - next to a dead Redguard.
  • An apothecary satchel-next to a dead Redguard.
  • A knapsack-next to a dead Redguard.
  • A leveled mace - on a shelf in the boat house, on the other side (southeast) of the wall just beyond the steps down.


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