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"The geography of High Rock is as varied as its people. The forested peaks of the Wrothgarian Mountains, occupied only by herders and the occasional dismal hamlet, divide the Western Reach from more heavily settled west of High Rock."
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Wrothgar, Wrothgaria, or the Wrothgarian Mountains is the rigorous mountain region of High Rock. It consists of the northeastern mountains of High Rock and makes up half of the Western Reach alongside the region of Bangkorai. Wrothgar has been the traditional home of the Orsimer dating back to the first era and has remained that way since.



Western WrothgarEdit

Old Orsinium

The First Orsinium was built in Western Wrothgar.

The area of Western Wrothgar is a boreal forest where the first Orcish Kingdom was established. Western Wrothgar is the closest to the Bretony heartlands of Stormhaven and as a result, the region reflects that environment and the gradual snow climate of Wrothgar. Several landmarks exist in the region such as the Honor's Rest, the burial grounds of Gaiden Shinji and Baloth Bloodtusk. The westernmost valley of Wrothgar has Paragon's Remembrance, which is named after Malacath, the Daedric Prince of Oaths. The extensive ruins of First Orsinium are nestled in the northwestern mountains, seemingly lost in the mountains.

Central WrothgarEdit

Nikolvara's Kennel

One of the many mineshafts located throughout Central Wrothgar, in between Tumnosh Stronghold and 2nd Orsinium.

The tundra grasslands of Central Wrothgar is where the Orcish culture thrives and is the home of the hard-working Orsimer that depends upon the land. The Morkul Clan are smithies by heart, pioneering the Orcish weaponry and armor seen to this day. The Tumnosh Clan are miners by heart; the Graystone Quarry along the Wrothgarian border is where the Kingdoms of Orsinium have gained their stones, to build their fortress and strongholds. Graystone Quarry is the most successful mine, there have been several other mineshafts located in Central Wrothgar such as the Argent Mine. The Morkul Stronghold has a fairly active port that is located in between Northpoint and Jehanna, two prominent harbors in the Sea of Ghosts.

Eastern WrothgarEdit


Mount Sorrow, the largest mountain in Wrothgar.

Eastern Wrothgar is the largest region in the mountain range, housing a variety of Orcish architecture and Breton strongholds. Eastern Wrothgar is the home to a wide variety of fauna and the Shatul Clan of Orsimer, a nomadic tribe of Orcs that have a specialty in agriculture and farming. The Second Kingdom of Orsinium was located on the western edge of the region while the twin Breton kingdoms of Farrun and Jehanna. The Druadach Mountains are located to the east. Sorrow is one of the largest mountains in the Reach, comparable to Karthspire.

Orsinium AreaEdit

Orsinium daggerfall

The Orsinium Area is nestled in between Menevia, Wayrest, and Wrothgar.

The Orsinium Area is a region claimed by the Orsimer of the Wrothgarian Mountains, under the leadership of Gortwog gro-Nagorm. The Area is nestled in between the Kingdom of Wayrest and the Wrothgarian Mountains, it was originally claimed by Lord Bowyn, but in a duel, Gortwog earned the region and established the Third Orsinium in the center. Minor settlements such as Midpath Hill and Ripwold have occupied the area, even though the Orcs primarily inhabit the region. The Third Kingdom of Orsinium expanded their borders with the Warp in the West, encompassing Wrothgaria and the Dragontail Mountains.






Chub LoonsEdit





First EraEdit

Torug gro-Igron's Ambition; Dreams of an OrsiniumEdit


Orsinium and its incarnates have existed in this general area.

"High in the mountains, far from their enemies, the Orc chieftain Torug gro-Igron brought his people together. A few huts grew into more permanent structures as word spread to the far-flung Orcs of Tamriel that there was a civilization on the rise that would welcome them from their wanderings."
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Throughout the years, the Orsimer have lived in tribes throughout the Greater Reach and the Dragontail Mountains, under their own sovereignties that ignore the strifes over other chiefdoms. The Orcs are the most civilized people compared to their cousins, the Goblins and the Ogres, having an established system reminiscent of the people of Tamriel. Because of the hate, the Orsimer had to constantly deal with from their neighbors of the Bjoulsae River and the Iliac Bay. Torug gro-Igron of Wrothgaria had a vision, a dream of a united kingdom of Orsimer, under his reign. As time went on, Torug gro-Igron created the city of Orsinium, on the border of Wrothgar and the Rivenspire region. Orcs from all over Tamriel traveled to the Wrothgarian Mountains to witness this marvel of Orcish technology and to coexist with the tribes of the neighboring regions.[1]

There is a severe lack of records indicating the state of Orsinium. Many people believed that the First Orsinium followed a list of savage rules and used violence to establish their dominance across the Bjoulsae River, which was somewhat true. Orcish historians claimed that Orsinium was a utopia, both peaceful and progressive. With combined clans pitching into the city, such as the master smithies of Morkul Clan and the agriculture experts of Shatul Clan, it is fair to assume that Orsinium was one of the fastest growing kingdoms. The Orcs of Orsinium have led raids throughout the Bjoulsae River called the Bjoulsae Raids, which was the collaboration of Clan Bagrakh and Clan Igron. These raids had attacked several Breton settlements such as the fishing village of Wayrest prompting political figures to take action.[1][2][3]

The Siege of Orsinium; Joile's Conquest over WrothgarEdit

Old Orsinium Concept Art

Remnants of the First Orsinium circa 2E 583.

"The rise and fall and rebirth of Orsinium is detailed in a larger section, but suffice it to say for now that the discovery of the "monstrous" kingdom of the creatures, as they were regarded, was a very unpleasant surprise to both the Redguards and Bretons."
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King Joile was the leader of the Kingdom of Daggerfall during the Bjoulsae Raids and the rising power of Orsinium. Joile felt that this Kingdom of Orcs needed to be dealt with and so, sought the aid of the Order of Diagna, under the command of Gaiden Shinji. In 1E 948, Joile sent a letter to Gaiden Shinji, proposing a joint attack on Orsinium along with the Kingdom of Sentinel, of which the Order was based from. It was during this time, the city of Orsinium was under the rule of Golkarr. Golkarr rallied his forces as the Siege of Orsinium began in 1E 950. The conflict transcended beyond the Kingdom of Orsinium, attacking neighboring strongholds such as Fharun at the Battle of Fharun Pass. The conflict lasted for thirty years, and it took ten years for the invading force to break down the walls of Orsinium. In need of help, Golkarr fled to the Grudgement Hall in Scarp Keep, where he prayed for Mauloch. It was there that Gaiden Shinji and King Joile killed Golkarr, ending the Siege of Orsinium.[1][4]

King Joile had planned to betray the Redguards, as a part of his grand scheme of conquest. In the aftermath of the Siege, the armies of Sentinel were weak and were retreating into the Alik'r Desert, bypassing the Bangkorai Pass. Joile's Army cornered the Redguard army at Bangkorai Pass, planning to destroy them before reaching Sentinel. The Redguards under the administration of Makela Leki fought back against Joile's forces, defeating both the army and Joile himself. Sentinel was saved by the Ansei warrior, Makela Leki.[5]

The Duel of Iron Might; Gaiden Shinji & Baloth BloodtuskEdit

Baloth Bloodtusk

Baloth Bloodtusk, Leader of the Savage Sons.

"When the siege was completed thirty years later, after the death of many heroes including Gaiden Shinji, and the destruction of Orsinium scattered the orc survivors throughout the Wrothgarian Mountains, Jastyaga wrote, "the people rejoiced for their ancient enemy was dispersed.""
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The Siege of Orsinium was one of the largest conflicts in Tamriel, and many of its participants were warriors of legend and battle prowess. Many warriors from the faraway Kingdom of Daggerfall to the depths of the Western Reach have fought in the conflict, either to the Orsimer of Wrothgar or the invaders of the Iliac Bay. Two such warriors that participated were Gaiden Shinji, leader of the Order of Diagna, and Baloth Bloodtusk, leader of the Savage Sons, one of the strongest warrior groups in Wrothgar. Shinji and his group worked alongside Lord Trystan, leader of the Knights of the Dragon, both of whom have acknowledged each other's talent in combat. Baloth Bloodtusk was one of the most respected warriors of Wrothgar and remained neutral in the Siege of Orsinium. However, through manipulation, the Savage Sons participated in the battle, by the fake orders of King Golkarr.[3]

On the outskirts of Orsinium, the two factions fought one another, struggling in vain for ultimate supremacy. Gaiden Shinji and Baloth Bloodtusk dueled to the death, as their allies watched in awe. Lord Trystan knew of the sacred pact that dueling had held for years, as well as, the Orcish Berserks of the Savage Sons. Joile had also hired Mercedene, the Beast of the Reach to aid him in his conquest. Mercedene had manipulated Bloodtusk to partake in the conflict so that she can eliminate the two threats to her master's conquest. In the middle of the battle, Mercedene had ordered her men to fire onto the combatants, killing them both. This act of treason caused the conflict to continue, and it left Trystan furious towards Mercedene. She was stopped by a Knight of the Dragon, and the two warriors were laid to rest on the same spot they had faced each other. The very art that had raised them to such godly heights was lost, their technique vanished.[3]

Second EraEdit

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Ranser's Gambit & the Orcish InterventionEdit

King Ranser

King Ranser Branquette, King of Rivenspire.

"Caught between the Breton hammer and the Orcish anvil, Ranser's troops were utterly annihilated in the Battle of Markwasten Moor. Ranser hadn't counted on Emeric's canniness; the King of Wayrest had sent emissaries into the Wrothgar Mountains with a pledge to return Orsinium to the Orcs if they attacked their hated enemy in Shornhelm."
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In 2E 563, the Daggerfall Covenant was formed between the kingdoms of High Rock and the kingdoms of Hammerfell. High King Emeric was in pursuit of a bride, to rule alongside him in these coming years. One of Emeric's original choices was Rayelle, the Princess of Shornhelm, daughter of King Ranser Branquette, the leader of Rivenspire. Ranser Branquette had claimed the throne of Rivenspire after several instances with House Montclair and his brother, Phylgeon Montclair. He is a stubborn man who gets what he wants, one way or the other. Emeric rejected Rayelle in exchange for Maraya, the daughter of King Fahara'jad, leader of Sentinel and Hammerfell. This was done to further instate this alliance with their neighboring province. This enraged Ranser, prompting him to distance himself from the High King, failing to attend Emeric's marriage later that year. With the Great Houses of Rivenspire, Ranser amassed an army from Oldgate to Northpoint, in the attempt to destroy the Daggerfall Covenant and Emeric.[6][7]

And so, King Ranser's War began on Last Seed of 2E 566, where Ranser's forces besieged the city of Wayrest. The Siege of Wayrest eventually ended in the Covenant's favor and the war advanced into Rivenspire. The last line of defense for Ranser's Army was at Markwasten Moor, located east of Shornhelm. Ranser's forces managed to hold their own against the Covenant, and so special procedures were needed to be made by Emeric to take them out. Emeric commissioned the help of the Orsimer of Wrothgar, who were under the leadership of Kurog gro-Bagrakh. Emeric offered Kurog a haven in the Wrothgarian Mountains, allowing his people to live freely with the denizens of the Covenant, in exchange for his help in Ranser's War. Bagrakh rallied his forces and encountered Ranser's troops in Markwasten Moor. Ranser was desperate, calling upon the undead to fight against these forces, he was surprised when the Orsimer attacked, many of his men wanted this conflict to end and were scared to encounter Ranser about it. General Dathieu took the initiative and slew Ranser in battle, ending the conflict. Kurog and the Orsimer of Wrothgar had officially joined the Daggerfall Covenant.[6][8][9]

Invitation to Orsinium; Kurog's AmbitionEdit

Orsinium View

The Second Orsinium, the Orcish Capital of the Covenant.

"Accept this invitation, carried by one of my most-trusted messengers, in friendship and respect. In the name of the mighty King Kurog, I bid you welcome and invite you to test your mettle in the wilds of majestic Wrothgar. The Orsimer care not where your loyalties lie."

The second incarnation of Orsinium was constructed sometime after the Ranser Civil War, under the leadership of King Kurog gro-Orsinium. Kurog, along with Torug gro-Igron, had dreams of stronger Orsimer Kingdom, one that would rival the likes of High Rock or Skyrim. Kurog gro-Orsinium saw this through Orsinium, but his mighty fortress had yet to be complete. Under the guidance of his mother, Forge-Mother Alga, Kurog called upon the warriors of Tamriel, to establish his rules throughout Wrothgar and the Western Reach. Kurog felt that the old traditions of the Orcs were no longer a viable option in this day in age. Kurog established the Temple of Ire, which worships the deity, Trinimac, rather than Malacath, the Daedric Prince of Oaths. The Orcish clans of Wrothgar have worshipped Malacath throughout the eras, one of Kurog's closest friends, Bazrag gro-Fharun was devout to Malacath and opposed these progressive actions that the King has forced upon his domain. All of the other Orcish Clans have felt the same way and so Kurog sought out a way to earn their trust.[10][OOG 1]

Breaking the Winterborn's Hold; Siege of Frostbreak FortressEdit

For King and Glory

The Siege of Frostbreak Fortress on the Orsinium Front, besieging the southern wall.

"My Winterborn were actually making progress before the so-called king of the pig children returned from his travels abroad and began organizing the Orc clans. Suddenly my warlords were being hunted down and killed in droves, my bands of warriors scattered to the four winds. But we're going to weather this siege, mark my words!"
Urfon Ice-Heart[src]

The Winterborn Clan of Reachmen have been one of the rising threats of the Kingdom of Orsinium for quite some time. Their leader, Urfon Ice-Heart was notorious across the land for having an affinity with Ice Magic. Many of the Reachmen had invaded the caravans around Orsinium, leading to several conflicts. All of it would come to an end with the Siege of Frostbreak Fortress, the main stronghold of the Winterborn. The Winterborn utilized Briar Hearts to enhance their warriors, the Orsinium offense needed to kill off the Briarheart Source and so King Kurog and an entourage of warriors entered the fortress, delving into the Reachmen Stronghold. The Vestige and Eveli Sharp-Arrow, two warriors called to enter Wrothgar, had an integral part in the conflict, burning down the Harpy aerie in Frostbreak and poisoned the Briarheart Trees with Alinon the Alchemist. With the main source of the Briars defeated, the Vestige and King Kurog advanced into Ice-Heart's Lair, confronting the evil warlock. The battle was fierce, Urfon's ice magic was as cold as the northernmost wastelands of Winterhold. Ultimately, the two warriors defeated Urfon Ice-Heart, ending the siege on Frostbreak and the Winterborn's prominence in Wrothgar. Kurog took Ice-Heart's Blade and presented it to the Chieftains of Wrothgar.[11][12]

Devoters of Malacath; Raid of the Temple of IreEdit

Chief Bazrag

Chief Bazrag gro-Fharun, a devout of Malacath.

"The Elves have forgotten the warrior ideals of Trinimac, but we Orsimer keep them alive! As the Children of Trinimac, we embody his stoic courage and bold audacity. The arms we bear and the armor we wear shine with gold, in remembrance of Trinimac's golden skin."
Venerable Uugus[src]

With the establishment of the Second Orsinium, the Orcish worship of Trinimac was enforced as the primary religion in the Kingdom. This action was one of the many things that Orcish Clans were opposed to, since, for the longest time, they have worshipped Malacath. The Temple of Ire was created as the place of worship for Trinimac, even though there has been a series of debates determining whether it should be for Trinimac or Malacath. Forge-Mother Alga instated High Priestess Solgra as the leader of the Temple. It was no secret that Bazrag gro-Fharun was a heavy devoter of Malacath and so he was the topic of controversy when a rogue group of Malacath worshippers invaded the temple.[10][OOG 2]

A group of Malacath Devotees had hijacked the Temple of Ire, holding the Priest and Priestess hostage until an ultimatum was given, in the name of Malacath. King Kurog gro-Orsinium tasked the Vestige of taking out the Malacath devouts, and to secure the Temple of Ire. Because the front doors were heavily watched, the Vestige had snuck into the upper, hidden entrance, where they defeated several Malacath rogues and save a Priest of Trinimac. The leaders of this group, Grand Fanatic Shurkol and Mazogug the Bold were holding the Temple and the Priest in the Temple Rectory. The Vestige was able to defeat both Orcs swiftly and secured the Temple of Ire for Orsinium. With news of this spreading across Wrothgar, blame was put upon Chief Bazrag, implying that he planned the sabotage of the Temple. After this conflict, Kurog sought to bring the Chieftains of Wrothgar (minus Bazrag) to the Scarp Keep, where a Moot would be initiated.[13]

Trouble at Fharun; Rescue Mission of BazragEdit


Fharun Stronghold, located on the northern peaks of Wrothgar. It is the home of the Fharun Clan of Orcs.

"Chief Bazrag considers the old customs and traditions to be sacrosanct. He's a firm believer in Malacath and the Blood Code. A proud and accomplished Orc, he wants to see the rise of a new Orc empire as much as Kurog does. However, Bazrag thinks the process will take generations and can't be hurried along—no matter how many cities Kurog decides to raise."
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Plot against the Malacath Devout; Kurog's GambitEdit

Long Live King Kurog; Reign of Bazrag gro-FharunEdit

Third EraEdit

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Duel of Honor; Gortwog & Nova OrsiniumEdit

Journey to Aetherius; Mission for the MantellaEdit

The Miracle of Peace; the Warp in the WestEdit

Conquest over the West; War of the Bend'r-MahkEdit

Fourth EraEdit

The Third Siege of Orsinium; Migration into SkyrimEdit









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Notice: The following are out-of-game references. They are not found in any in-game books, but can still be considered part of The Elder Scrolls lore and are included for completeness.
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