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"The less we disturb the land and the beasts within it, the more we respect the wishes of the All-Maker."
―Wulf Wild-Blood[src]

Wulf Wild-Blood is a Skaal hunter who lives in the Skaal Village. Until the shout Bend Will has been used on it, he is one of the villagers working on the temple around the Wind Stone.

Before Wulf came under the control of Miraak, he had a brother who eventually disappeared and has not heard from him since.


Filial BondsEdit

Search for Wulf Wild-Blood's brother who he suspects has become a werebear.


Wulf is a master trainer in Two-Handed battle.


  • Although Wulf speaks of how he disagrees with lycanthropy, he has a particular quote saying "To hunt a wolf, you must become the wolf yourself." and that the Dragonborn has the blood of wolves and the heart of a bear.
  • Although Wulf worships the All-Maker he will say "May the Gods watch over your battles friend."
  • The name Wulf translates to "Wolf". This may be a reference to werewolves, another creature of Hircine.


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