Wumeek's House is the residence of Wumeek and is located in the Elven Gardens District of the Imperial City. This larger two story house with a basement is a standard house with more rooms than the smaller townhouses.


Wumeek's HouseEdit

On the first floor is a large reception room with a dining table in the middle, set for dinner. There are cupboards with food and miscellaneous items in the room. A winerack filled with wine in one corner and some barrels and sacks. The entrance has a hallway with seating and a dresser.

Wumeek's Private QuartersEdit

Upstairs are two rooms, the larger is the bedroom. In the first room are some shelves with silverware and an unlocked chest. In the bedroom are a leveled hard locked chest and a locked and leveled jewelrybox hidden behind one of the tapestries by the bed.

Wumeek's BasementEdit

In the basement of the larger variant, there are more barrels, sacks and crates with miscellaneous items. There is also an average locked and leveled chest at the end of the room.