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TESV Wuuthrad
Base Damage:
25 DamageIcon
25 WeightIcon
Base Value:
2000 GoldIcon
Additional Effects:
Especially deadly to Elves
Class: Two-Handed, Battleaxe
Upgrade Material: N/A
Perk: None
FormID: 000956B5

Wuuthrad is a unique two-handed battleaxe that appears in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


It was originally wielded by Ysgramor, leader of the Five Hundred Companions, in his crusade against the native Snow Elves of Skyrim and Solstheim in the Merethic Era. The weapon was later shattered into fragments, several of which are displayed in the Companions' mead hall of Jorrvaskr, until they were stolen by the Silver Hand during the Companions' questline.[1]

Wuuthrad was forged by Ysgramor's son, Yngol, the day after the Night of Tears. Legend has it that when Ysgramor was leaving Saarthal, his tears of grief were made of ebony, which Yngol used to forge the axe. Yngol heated the tears with lightning and cooled them in the ocean, and the result was a great axe forged from Ysgramor's own sorrow. Yngol gifted the axe to his father, who then named it "Wuuthrad," meaning "Storm's Tears" in the Atmoran Tongue. The axe was later enchanted by the dragon priest Ahzidal, who was probably the best enchanter since the Merethic Era.[2]


Wuuthrad can be obtained during Purity of Revenge. It is re-forged by Eorlund Gray-Mane after all the fragments of Wuuthrad are retrieved from the Silver Hand. Later, it is used to open a passage within Ysgramor's Tomb during the quest Glory of the Dead, but it can be removed from the statue immediately afterwards without incident.


The weapon bears the inherent ability of dealing 1.2x damage to AltmerBosmerDunmerFalmer and Orsimer (bugged for Orsimer and Falmer). 

The effect is not considered an enchantment, so Wuuthrad is affected by the Elemental Fury shout. Additionally, it may be enchanted at an arcane enchanter to stack with its inherent ability, although the description "Especially deadly to Elves" will remain.


With the Unofficial Skyrim Patch, Wuuthrad can be upgraded with an ebony ingot; however, it does not benefit from any smithing perks. This means that the weapon cannot be improved past flawless quality without boosting the Smithing skill over 100. This can be achieved by using enchanted apparel or blacksmithing potions to fortify Smithing.



  • Concept art for Wuuthrad reveals it bore the name "Elf-Grinder" (see gallery), though this conflicts with the Songs of the Return, Vol 5, which states that the name of the axe means "Storm's Tears."
  • In Sovngarde, Ysgramor can be seen in the Hall of Valor equipped with his legendary axe.
  • Interestingly, in the middle of the battleaxe blade, there is a carving of a screaming elf - a visual allusion to the fact that Wuuthrad is especially powerful for killing elves.
  • The fact that Wuuthrad was a legendary weapon, left in pieces, needing to be reforged may be a reference to Narsil from the Lord of the Rings.


This section contains bugs related to Wuuthrad. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

  1. Confirm all bugs with other editors on the talk page before adding them below.
  2. Always try reloading an old save first, before asking for assistance.
  3. Do not discuss possible bug fixes or origins. Leave those and all other first-person-anecdotes on the talk page, not the article.
  4. Always add  360  ,  PS3  , or  PC   to clarify which system the bug appears on.
  •  PC   360   PS3  Wuuthrad may disappear when placed on Ysgramor's statue for the first time.
  • Wuuthrad may not use Stamina when using a power attack.
  •  PC   360   PS3  If placed on a weapons rack and later removed, it is possible for Wuuthrad to be marked as a quest item, and no longer be capable of being dropped or put into a chest. However, it is possible to remove Wuuthrad from your inventory by using it on a weapons rack again, though it will only be thrown onto the floor nearby and not placed on the rack.
  •  360   If placed on a weapon plaque, Wuuthrad may disappear. Sometimes it is found floating in the air across from the weapon plaque.
  • Wuuthrad can increase or decrease base damage randomly when loading a saved game.
  •  PC   360   When equipped, Wuuthrad may become impossible to swing or attack with.
  • May not deal bonus damage to Orsimer or Falmer.



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