Wyress Olyna is a Breton initially found in Deleyn's Mill, where she is helping the villagers in the aftermath of an attack. She is later found in the Vale of the Guardians with the rest of her sisters.


Ash and ReprieveEdit

The village of Deleyn's Mill is under siege. Fire threatens to burn the village to the ground while enraged forest creatures attack the remaining villagers. The witches of the Beldama Wyrd are trying to contain the situation.


Show: Ash and Reprieve

"Did my sisters send you to aid us?"

Yes. You need to head back to the mill. "May the Mother Spirits guide us! I tried so hard, but I wasn't able to save more than this single villager. I'll make sure we both get back to the mill."

After all the survivors have been rounded up in the mill.

"She needs time. Her daughter died right in front of us. The Imps just kept tossing bolts of fire. They wouldn't stop. It took everything I had just to keep the flames at bay. Something evil corrupts the forest spirits. It must be stopped!"