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Wyresses: The Name-Daughters

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Attributed to Glargargil the Speaking Oak

In Elden time, Jephre did come
A-naming of creatures where'er he did run

A all was chaotic, and names were unknown
His gift was a name for each beast, plant and

Then all knew their places except Men and Mer
Who plundered and ravaged wherever they

"I name you the Earth-Bones," Jephre decreed,
"Lords of the forest, rock, root, and seed.

This heritage nurture, henceforth be its guards
And designate worthies to act as its wards"

Thereafter did Wyrd Women watch o´er the
From tundra to forest, from peak to ravine,

Reminding all creatures, be it tiger or worm
Of their name and their nature, their function
and form.

Would-be corrupters who'd canker the Green
Shall face wyress warding wherever they're

So tread woods with caution, respect Jephre's
Lest Wyrd woman watching abduct you away.


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