Xal Ithix is a farm located on the southernmost tip of Shadowfen region, Black Marsh. It is situated near Shadowfen's border with Murkmire.

When the Vestige first discovers Xal Ithix, they encounter injured scavengers, guards, and citizens at the entrance of the village. When entering the nearby marsh, they encounter many crazed Hoarvors, scavengers and stranglers attacking one another. After talking to the scavengers, the Vestige learns that the situation is unusual, and they are then tasked with investigating what is going wrong around the farm.


Deep DisturbanceEdit

Something caused the creatures in Xal Ithix's swamps to become aggressive and attack the villagers. The hunter the Vestige met in Xal Ithix says if they want to know what's happening in the swamp, they need to talk to Tree-Minder Nexith in his hut.

Missing in the MireEdit

The Argonians in Xal Ithix have been picking through trash piles. Now Stranglers, normally docile creatures from the swamp, are attacking them.

Notable itemsEdit





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