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Murkmire Concept Art 3

Concept art of a xanmeer in Murkmire

Not to be confused with Xander.

The Xanmeer were massive, ziggurat-like pyramids constructed by an ancient civilization of Argonians that inhabited Black Marsh thousands of years before the events of any of The Elder Scrolls games. Xanmeers are almost always seen in perfectly symmetrical complexes, sometimes with more than one pyramid connected together by elevated stone walkways. The stone throughout is intricately carved with geometrical patterns, as well as likenesses of the ancient Argonians themselves. From the scale, intricacy, and distribution of these Xanmeers, it is clear that the ancient Argonians were a highly advanced race with a prosperous civilization. Sometime near the First Era the society became extinct, leaving behind these Xanmeers as the ruins of their once great civilization.

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