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For other uses, see Xivilai.

The Xivilai are powerful Daedra who cast fireballs and summon Clannfear to their aid. It is best to dispose of a Xivilai before being overwhelmed by his Clannfear minion, using either marksman or melee, as Xivilai have a relatively strong spell absorption bonus. They usually carry a powerful axe or sword, ranging from Dwarven to Daedric, depending on your level.

They can sometimes be found in fellowships of two or three. For some reason if, a Xivilai is lured underwater, it will not swim, but instead walk on the ground underwater. The Xivilai are the strongest members of the Daedra, being able to wield two-handed weapons in one hand.

Appearance Edit

They resemble demonic, monstrous beings, however they are Human in appearance, but also have blue(ish)-purple skin, with red markings (maybe of symbolic nature) across its arms and legs. Their white eyes glow and they have black, mane-like hair with huge horns on their fore head. Long ears, a disgruntled look and long fingers also are depicted. The Xivilai walk around bare shirted with the only protection they have is a slightly armoured kilt and a plated type, collar bone protected structure.

General statsEdit




Damage typesEdit

  • Physical



Named XivilaiEdit




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