"If you come to pay your respects to the First Ashkhans, do so quickly and move on. The Urshilaku's patience is not without limits."

Yanabi-Asa is a Dunmer Ashlander of the Urshilaku Tribe residing in Ald'ruhn on Vvardenfell. She is one of the First Ashkhan cairn tenders, and has been tasked with protecting it and paying respects to it.


I'd like to learn about the Urshilaku tribe. "We sing the truth songs. The truth of the three blasphemers, and the Daedra, and the Nerevarine. The Houses hate us most of all."

Why? "Because we do not forget the truth of Nerevar. We know that the Tribunal will pass like wood smoke—driven away by the raging winds of the Incarnate. Vehk, Sotha Sil, and the Mad Wife know this as well. They seek to silence us, but they always fail."


  • "Guar bones? Most outsiders would honor Lammak with useless baubles and incense. Your gift shows wisdom. Place it before the cairn." — During "Ancestral Ties"
  • "The Urshilaku salute you, n'wah. Ashlander or no, you have proven to be wise and valorous. Our First Ashkhan, Lammak, herald of the Nerevarine, treasured wisdom and valor above all else. His spirit welcomes you as a friend. As do we."
  • "So, the Hleran-son plans to settle in Ald'ruhn. I would worry if I thought he stood any chance of surviving. When faced with hardship, the House Dunmer squeal and cry like children. Believe me, the Wastes will make a meal of him." — After "Ancestral Ties"