Yarulorz gra-Namor is an Orsimer dockworker residing in Koeglin Village, Stormhaven. She can be found wandering and fishing around the southern end of the docks.


"Being a dockworker has its benefits... the ocean breeze on my face, eating fresh fish for lunch and meeting new people every day. On the downside, it stinks like rotten fish and I've gotten more splinters than I can count."

What's the alternative?: "I could always go into treasure hunting. I hear there's some kind of valuable stone down in the Koeglin Mine. Course, I could end up with something worse than splinters..."
Where exactly is this mine?: "Just off the road to Wayrest. I'll mark it on your map. Hey though, if you find something down there, don't forget the girl who gave you the tip."